The Left Field Market

Located on the ground level of the left field building at Polar Park, the store will be stocked with snacks, drinks, and souvenirs, and will leverage Standard’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Vision technology to allow customers to shop and pay without any scanning, waiting in line, or stopping to check out.

Patrons can simply walk in, take what they like, and walk out. The store will be accessible and open to the public and to those in the Left Field office building, daily, whether or not there is a game at the ballpark.

The Company Behind the Tech: Standard Cognition

Standard Cognition provides the most flexible AI-powered autonomous checkout solutions for brick & mortar retailers. Available to any retailer, the Standard solution lets consumers shop and pay without waiting in line, scanning or stopping to check out. It helps retailers reduce labor costs, improve the customer experience, and improve profit margins by up to 100 percent. Standard also helps retailers of all sizes compete with larger chains and online offerings such as Amazon. Learn more at or follow @standardAI.

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