Bringing You New Years Greetings

As the sun sets on a memorable 2018 and rises on a promising 2019, we take a moment to thank the thousands of you whom we have come to know this past year. 

Larry Lucchino and "Dr. Charles" after the Sept. 17 Grand & Glorious Civic Celebration

What an extraordinary year we experienced together on so many levels with our Red Sox. From the theater at Fenway Park; to a  season-long, record-setting performance; to World Series Trophies in Worcester for all to see (and touch when security wasn't looking), we were enraptured all the way through a glorious fall of October Baseball. 

The celebrations carried us right into December.  

The Red Sox made history not only at the big league level, of course, but at the Triple A Level.  As spring turned into summer, the possibilities increased that Worcester could become the longtime home of Boston's top affiliate--thus securing for the Blackstone Valley a source of affordable family entertainment for decades to come.

At the peak of the summer, the prospect grew hotter. The drum beat grew louder.  The persuaders ever more persuasive.  The Heart of the Commonwealth was turning our heads.  

On August 17, we made the announcement.

On September 17, we enjoyed a Grand and Glorious Civic Celebration.  

With Red Carpets, Hall of Famers, a Symphony of Children, and a Symphony of Leadership, a city celebrated. There were marching bands, fireworks, and jubilation from the Worcester Common to the Canal District.  One vibrant downtown. And in the days and weeks that have followed, we have felt the sustained embrace of an extraordinary community. In ever-increasing concentric circles emanating from City Hall and broadening like ripples on a pond, we have felt the passion and compassion, the pride and the poise, the cooperation and the collaboration, and the ubiquitous smiles and hearts that are far more than an artistic adornment.  They are a visible manifestation of this city's emotions.

And just as we participated in the soaring highs of the early days of fall, we participated in the searing lows of the final days of fall. These are the highs and lows of a unified, resilient community.  We celebrate happiness together; we endure heartbreak together.  We carry each other and lift each other.  

It's a lesson Worcester taught America 55 years ago this week--when Harvey Ball's Smiley Face was introduced in this city and resonated throughout a mourning America.

For life does not absolve us from sadness; it reminds us to draw upon our perseverant spirit.  And that spirit--so palpable and pervasive--is the very spirit that has led us down this "long and winding road that leads to your door."  

Thank you for a welcome that exceeded our imagination.  We now hope to fill your lives with joy as we proceed down the Path to Polar Park.  

To everyone in Worcester, Central Mass, and the beautiful Blackstone Valley, we wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year.  

Dr. Charles Steinberg, President

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