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  1. Back East

    • Rakatura

    • Ice Cream Man

    • Octoberfest

  2. Sierra Nevada

    • Pale​ Ale

    • Hazy Little Thing

    • Liquid Hoppiness Juicy IPA

  3. 67 Degrees

    • Proximity​

    • Route 140

    • Epimoni

  4. High Limb Cider

    • The "OG"​ Cider

    • Pumpkin Cider

    • Honey Cider

  5. Loophole

    • Loop Fest​bier

    • Loop First Encounter

    • Loop Movin' Through Kashmir

  6. Bent Water

    • Sluice Juice​

    • Thunder Funk

    • Premium Lager

  7. Anheuser-Busch IPA's/Ales

    • Goose Island IPA​

    • Elysian Space Dust IPA

    • Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

  8. Anheuser-Busch Wheat Beers

    • Golden Road Mango​ Cart

    • Shock Top

  9. Newport

    • Rhode Trip​

    • Rhode Rage

    • Blueberry Ale

  10. Switchback

    • Ale​

    • Zaboo Hazy IPA

  11. Kona

    • Big Wave​ Golden Ale

    • Longboard Lager

  12. Amherst

    • Jess​

    • Lewmeister Oktoberfest

  13. Radiant Pig

    • Save the Robots​

    • TV Party

    • Own the Night

  14. Omission

    • Ultimate Wheat

    • Ultimate IPA

    • Ultimate Light

  15. Two Roads​

    • Ok2toberfest​

    • Two Juicy Hazy Double IPA

  16. Devil's Purse

    • Home of the Handline Kolsch​

    • Shelby Rose Red Ale

  17. Bull Spit

    • Hop Yard​

    • Mixed Berry Bullberry Ale

  18. Castle Island

    • Fiver​

    • White Ale

  19. Carlsons Orchards

    • Oak Hill Blend​ Cider

    • Simply Dry Cider

  20. Clown Shoes

    • Rainbows are Real​

    • Mango Kolsch

  21. Dogfish Head

    • Variety Pack​

  22. Wachusett

    • Massive Haze​

    • OktoberFest

    • Pumpkin Ale

    • Blueberry Ale

  23. Greater Good

    • Giant Pumpkin​

    • Pulp Daddy

    • CrushGroove

  24. Merican Mule

    • Variety Pack​

    • Pumpkin Spice

  25. Constellation

    • Modelo​ Especial

    • Pacifico

  26. Arctic Chill

    • Variety Pack​

  27. Molson Coors

    • Hop Valley​

  28. Diageo

    • Guinness Zero​

    • Smirnoff Ice

  29. Whaler's

    • Rise APA​

  30. Yuengling

    • FLIGHT​

    • Oktoberfest

  31. New Belgium

    • Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA

    • Fat Tire

  32. Harpoon

    • Rec League​

    • UFO Maine Blueberry

  33. Narragansett

    • Del's​ Shandy

    • Fresh Catch Blonde Ale

    • Fest

  34. Sam Adams

    • Wicked Hazy​

    • Wicked Easy

    • Jack-O

    • OctoberFest

  35. Cisco

    • Pumple Drum​kin Spiced Ale

    • Wandering Haze

  36. Grey Sail

    • Captain's Daughter​

    • Little Sister

  37. Wormtown

    • Fresh Patch Pumpkin Ale​

    • Octoberfest

    • Be Hoppy


Q:  Where is Polar Park, and where should I park?

A:  Polar Park is located at 100 Madison Street, Worcester, MA, and you should visit for more information on nearby parking options. 

Q:  What time is the event?

A:  The event starts at 5 pm, last call will be at 8:30 pm, and gates will close at 9 pm.

Q:  How should I enter Polar Park?

A:  Gate A on Plymouth Street

Q:  When will I get my food truck voucher and drink tickets?

A:  You will get them when you arrive, after going through our security checkpoint

Q:  How do my drink tickets work?

A:  Each 2 oz. Sample Drink Ticket may be redeemed for one 2 oz. sample.  12 oz. Full Pour Drink Tickets may be purchased at Plymouth Street, Section 4, Section 14, and the Triple Decker Garden.  Drink tickets may not be used as tips for your bartenders!

Q: How does my food voucher work?
A: Each $10 food ticket can be redeemed at any of the food trucks. It can be used on a single item or towards your purchase. Each food truck will accept cash, credit and debit for additional purchases.

Q:  Will I be able to walk on the field?

A:  Yes, you may!  You're welcome to bring a blanket, and there will be seating available on the Main Concourse, Berm, and in the Seating Bowl​.  Please help us in protecting our field by not wearing heeled shoes.

Q:  May I bring outside food or beverage?

A:  Outside food and beverage is not permitted, but empty water bottles may be filled at the second base hydration station or water fountain next to Country Bank Fan Services.

Q:  May I bring my pet?

A:  Pets, except for certified service animals, are not permitted at Polar Park.

Q:  May I smoke or vape at Polar Park?

A:  You may not smoke within the ballpark, but you are welcome to step outside of Gate D to do so if necessary.

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