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  1. Wachusett

    • TBD​

    • TBD

    • TBD

    • TBD

  2. ​Greater Good

    • Giant Pumpkin

    • Pulp Daddy

    • Woo

    • Crushgroove

  3. Dogfish Head

    • ​60 Minute​ IPA

    • Punkin Ale

  4. Clown Shoes

    • Space Cake​

    • TBD

  5. UFO

    • White Ale​

    • Maine Blueberry

  6. Carlsons

    • Oak Hill​ Cider

    • Harvard Harvest

  7. Castle Island

    • Fiver​ 

    • Lager

  8. Artifact

    • Wild Thing​ Cider

    • Feels Like Home

  9. Spencer

    • White Ale​

    • Monkster Mash

  10. Two Roads

    • Roadsmary​'s Baby

    • Two Juicy

  11. Shipyard/Sea Dog

    • Smashed Pumpkin (Shipyard)​

    • Blueberry (Sea Dog)

  12. Arctic Chill

    • TBD​

    • TBD

  13. Merican Mule

    • Moscow Mule​

    • Pumpkin Mule

  14. Newburyport/Rapscallion

    • White Ale (Newburyport)​

    • Honey Ale (Rapscallion)

  15. Kona

    • Big Wave​

    • Longboard

    • Seltzer Variety Pack

  16. Switchback

    • Ale​

    • IPA

    • Karsten

  17. Newport

    • Rhode Trip​

    • Rhode Rage

    • Blueberry

  18. Anheuser-Busch IPAs/Ale

    • Goose Island IPA​

    • Elysian Space

    • Golden Road Fest Beer

  19. Anheuser-Busch Lagers

    • Blue Point Brewing Toasted Lager​

    • Devils Backbone Brewing Vienna Lager

  20. Bent Water

    • Super Sluice​

    • Fest

    • Supercharger

  21. Loophole

    • Loop Fest​

    • Loop Kash

    • Loop Limited Hoist

  22. High Limb

    • Cider​

    • Pumpkin Cider

    • Honey Cider

  23. Stony Creek

    • Big Crank​y double IPA

    • Little Wing Haze IPA

    • Dock Time

  24. Sierra Nevada

    • Pale​ Ale

    • Hazy Little Thing IPA

    • Oktoberfest

  25. Back East

    • Rakautra IPA​

    • Ice Cream Man

    • Octoberfest

  26. Tito's Handmade Vodka

    • Samples​

  27. Harpoon

    • Big League​

    • Flannel Friday

  28. Narragansett

    • Fest​

    • Tock Haus

  29. Peak

    • TBD​

    • TBD

  30. Sam Adams

    • Wicked Hazy​

    • Jack-O

  31. New Belgium

    • Voodoo Ranger​

    • VDR Imperial + Dominga

  32. Cisco

    • Pumple Drumkin​

    • Wandering Haze Hazy IPA

  33. Ithaca

    • Country Pumpkin ​

    • Flower Power

  34. Anheuser-Busch Wheat Beers

    • Golden Road Mango Cart​

    • Shock Top

  35. Wormtown

    • Fresh Patch​

    • Oktoberfest

    • Table Talk Blueberry

  36. Grey Sail

    • Capt​ain's Daughter

    • Haze, Ho!


  • A:  Trulieve

  • 26:  Tito's Handmade Vodka

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*Locations To Be Determined


Q:  Where is Polar Park, and where should I park?

A:  Polar Park is located at 100 Madison Street, Worcester, MA, and you should visit for more information on nearby parking options. 

Q:  What time is the event?

A:  The event starts at 5 pm, last call will be at 8:30 pm, and gates will close at 9 pm.

Q:  How should I enter Polar Park?

A:  Gate A on Plymouth Street

Q:  When will I get my food truck voucher and drink tickets?

A:  You will get them when you arrive, after going through our security checkpoint

Q:  How do my drink tickets work?

A:  Each drink ticket may be redeemed for one 2 oz. sample, or you may redeem six drink tickets for one 12 oz. pour.  Additional drink tickets may be purchased at Plymouth Street, Section 4, Section 14, and Section Base.  Drink tickets may not be used as tips for your bartenders!

Q:  Will I be able to walk on the field?

A:  Yes, you may!  You're welcome to bring a blanket, and there will be seating available on the Main Concourse, Berm, and in the Seating Bowl​.  Please help us in protecting our field by not wearing heeled shoes.

Q:  May I bring outside food or beverage?

A:  Outside food and beverage is not permitted, but empty water bottles may be filled at the second base hydration station or water fountain next to Country Bank Fan Services.

Q:  May I bring my pet?

A:  Pets, except for certified service animals, are not permitted at Polar Park.

Q:  May I smoke or vape at Polar Park?

A:  You may not smoke within the ballpark, but you are welcome to step outside of Gate D to do so if necessary.

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