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1. Back East Brewing Company

  • Porter

  • Ice Cream Man

  • Octoberfest

2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

  • Pale​ Ale

  • Hazy Little Thing

  • Atomic Torpedo

3. Milk Room Brewing Company

  • Alta Vista IPA 

  • Slow Sunday

  • Southwick's New England IPA 

4. Incline Cider Company 

  • Beare's Original Haze

  • Imperial The Tropics

  • Imperial Hazy Honeycrisp

5. Loophole Brewing

  • Fest​bier

  • Duryea Pale Ale 

  • First Encounter

6. Bent Water Brewing Company 

  • Sluice Juice​

  • The Shaka

  • Festbier

7. Broad Brook Brewing Company

  • Lucid Dreams IPA

  • Oktoberfest

  • Lemontine Shandy

8. Amherst Brewing

  • Jess

  • Pumpkin Ale 

  • Juliette

8a. Anheuser-Busch InBev

  • Goose Island Brewery's IPA 

  • Golden Road Brewing's Mango Cart

  • Kona Brewing Company 

9. Newport Craft Brewing & Radiant Pig Beers

  • Rhode Trip​

  • Rhode Rage

  • TV Party

10. Whiteclaw

  • Variety Pack

  • Simply Lemonade 

  • Variety Pack

11. Heineken

  • Heineken Silver

  • Red Stripe 

12. Molson Coors & Simply Lemonade

  • Leinenkugel

  • Variety Pack

13. Dragon's Milk

  • The Legendary Dragon's Milk

  • S'mores

14. Twisted Tea

  • Variety Pack

15. Diageo

  • Guinness Zero

  • Smirnoff

16. Sundial Cocktails

  • Variety Pack

17. Dogfish Head

  • Variety Pack​

18. Truly Vodka Soda

  • Variety Pack

19. Carlson Orchards

  • Oak Hill Blend​ Cider

  • Honey Crisp Cider

  • Cranberry Cider

  • Harvard Harvest Cider

20. New Belgium Brewing

  • Voodoo Ranger Juicy Force IPA​

  • Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale

21. Wachusett Brewing Company

  • Pumpkin​ Ale 

  • Octoberfest

  • Wally

  • Blueberry 

22. Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company

  • Giant Pumpkin

  • Pulp Daddy

  • Good Night Moon

23. Yuengling

  • Lager

  • Flight 

24. Constellation

  • Modelo Oro

  • Fresca

25. Wormtown Brewery

  • Be Hoppy 

  • Shook Mai Tai

  • Hop Swap

26. Grey Sail Brewing

  • Captain's Daughter

  • Little Sister

  • Pour Judgement

27. Cisco Brewers

  • Forever New England 

  • Pumple Drumpkin

  • Grey Lady

28. Harpoon Brewery

  • Harpoon IPA

  • Rec. League

29. Two Roads

  • Ruin Double IPA

  • Rosemary's Baby Pumpkin

30. Samuel Adams

  • Wicked Hazy 

  • October Fest


Click here for FAQ's.


  A. PVD Food Truck

  B. BBQ y Mas

  C. The Grub Guru

  D. Chicked Out Nuggz

  E. Slimmy's Polish Express 

  F. La Guaguita Del Sabor

  G. Alaina's

  H. Blount Clam Shack Food Truck

  I. Pit Stop

  J. Bay State Chews

  K. Braised Low & Slow Cuisine

  L. Sabor Latino Food Truck

  M. Methods of a Madwoman inc.

  N. Big Dog Eats

  P. Friskie Fries

  Q. Championship Melt

  R. Savage Wraps

  Dessert Trucks on Madison Street:

  • Shishkaberry's of New England

  • Uhlman's Ice Cream

  • What's Up Cupcake

Click here for more information about each of these food trucks!



Q:  Where is Polar Park, and where should I park?

A:  Polar Park is located at 100 Madison Street, Worcester, MA, and you should visit for more information on nearby parking options. 

Q:  What time is the event?

A:  There are two sessions.  11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm.  Entry to the event is only valid with a ticket for the proper event time.

Q:  How should I enter Polar Park?

A:  Gate D on Madison Street

Q:  When will I get my food truck voucher and drink tickets?

A:  You will get them when you arrive, after going through our security checkpoint

Q:  How do my drink tickets work?

A:  Each 2 oz. Sample Drink Ticket may be redeemed for one 2 oz. sample.  12 oz. Full Pour Drink Tickets may be purchased at Plymouth Street, Section 4, and Section 14.  Drink tickets may not be used as tips for your bartenders!

Q: How does my food voucher work?
A: Each $15 food ticket can be redeemed at any of the food trucks. It can be used on a single item or towards your purchase. Each food truck will accept cash, credit and debit for additional purchases.

Q:  Will I be able to walk on the field?

A:  Yes, you may!  You're welcome to bring a blanket, and there will be seating available on the Main Concourse, Berm, and in the Seating Bowl​.  Please help us in protecting our field by not wearing heeled shoes.

Q:  Can I bring my children to this event?

A:  Yes, you may!  Kids are welcome to attend this event, and you should purchase Designated Driver tickets for them. We encourage families with kids to attend Session 1.  Kids under 3 are free and do not need a ticket.

Q:  May I bring outside food or beverage?

A:  Outside food and beverage is not permitted, but empty water bottles may be filled at the second base hydration station or water fountain next to Country Bank Fan Services.

Q:  May I bring my pet?

A:  Pets, except for certified service animals, are not permitted at Polar Park.

Q:  May I smoke or vape at Polar Park?

A:  You may not smoke within the ballpark, but you are welcome to step outside of Gate D to do so if necessary.

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